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~Steven The Marine~  

IWO JIMA, Japan (Mar 5, 2004)
-- Secretary of the Navy, Gordon R. England, took time to tour the sites of one of the Marine Corps' most horrific yet revered and memorable battles in history, Feb. 27.

"The Secretary of the Navy coming to Iwo Jima was a plus to an already exciting trip. It was awesome getting to experience being on such hallowed ground with him," said Sgt. Alfredo A Trevino, driver, III Marine Expeditionary Force.

While visiting Invasion Beach, both Maj. Ronald K. Dennard, future operations intelligence officer, III MEF, and Warrant Officer Takeru Suwa, Japanese Ground Self Defense Force liaison officer, III MEF, told England about the struggles the opposing forces faced during the epic WWII battle in which 23,573 U. S. Marines and more than 20,000 Japanese forces were either killed or wounded.

England was also told how the Japanese soldiers fought from underground using an intricate system of caves and tunnels. He took the opportunity to tour some of the seemingly never ending tunnels connecting caves which were used as offices while others were set up as living quarters and hospitals.

Along with taking pictures of the beach and Mount Suribachi, England gathered sand from the hallowed ground of the beach, an honored tradition of Marines visiting Iwo Jima.

Standing atop Mount Suribachi, England thanked the Marines and Sailors stationed aboard Okinawa for their service by shaking their hands and giving each individual a personalized Secretary of the Navy coin. Before leaving Suribachi, the Marines presented England with the book "Iwo Jima" which they had all signed.

It wasn't all sightseeing on Suribachi for the Secretary of the Navy however. While there, he re-enlisted Sgt. Steven M. Logan, intelligence clerk, 3rd Materiel Readiness Battalion, 3rd Force Service Support Group, and HM2 Terral B. Brew, administration assistant, 3rd Marine Division.

"The experience was definitely a chance of a lifetime and a great feeling," Logan said. "Not many Marines or Sailors can say they were re-enlisted on top of Mount Suribachi by the Secretary of the Navy. Also, knowing who and what I was representing at such a level was a good feeling in itself. It was definitely an honor to be in that position."

There are few people who can say they've stood at the peak of Mount Suribachi and even less who have done it with the Secretary of the Navy. For 25 Marines and Sailors however, reverently standing above Iwo Jima with The Honorable Mr. Gordon R. England will be a memory they will not be likely to forget.

"Being on Iwo Jima and visiting with the Secretary of the Navy are both events that not many people experience, especially at the same time. Being at that sacred place and getting to experience it with such an important person is something I'll never forget," Trevino said.

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~Steven the Brother ~  
I remember many years ago Steven and I took my husbands car to teach ourselves to drive a stick shift!
We both didnt know how he would react but we took it anyway while he was at work and drove up and down the back roads teaching ourselves to drive that car!!!
By the time we had finished we both knew somewhat (notice I say somewhat LOL) how to drive a stick..
I remember trying to explain how the car got moved and more so how I had this young boy not even old enough to drive lol ..driving my husbands car!!!

Not long after Steven and our brother Dave took mom's car out for a drive on the quary road.. Now for some who dont know the quary road was a gravel road that lead back to the stone quary near our parents house ..
Well these 2 go out driving mom's car .. only one can imagine what really went on lol .. but some how they managed to wreck the car right up the street from the house! It wasnt funny then .. but thinking back to the looks on their faces when they had to explain their  accident I can only imagine what was going on in their brains !! lol .. I can still hear dad yellin at them "What Ail's you boys !!!"
There was never a lack of laughter in our house .. and of course we all had our chief complaints about the other but there certianly was NO lack of love! Food fights were a regular around our house .. holidays .. OHH my the holidays! LOL they would usually start with dad or mom throwing something as simple as an olive and the fight was on !!
Who could ever forget Super Bowl sunday 1995 LOL.. ohh that is one to never forget .. I still can't remember how it started. I think our sister Angel had made some chocolate pudding and it didnt turn out to well! I can remember someone commenting on the pudding cause it was like cement lol.. well .. someone along the lines threw some food ! You should have seen the place ! Even mom's german chocolate cake she just bought didnt get spared from the fight !
With David armed with mustard and Steven armed with BBQ Sauce and all of us grabbing what ever we could from the fridge .. my husband trys to get away from it all .(he was much of a stick in the mud with no sense of humor LOL ) Well let me tell you .. what does Steven and David do .. they run out the door after him . My husband is sitting in our brandnew mini van (LOL) and they litterally attack the van with mustard and BBQ Sauce LOL >> OHH did I ever pay for that later!
Frank was soo mad and the boys got a hell of a laugh out of that !

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