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For you my brother  / Shannon &. David (Brother & Sister-in-law )  Read >>
For you my brother  / Shannon &. David (Brother & Sister-in-law )
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Never Forget!  / Misty(sister Cpl. Rusty Washam)   Read >>
Never Forget!  / Misty(sister Cpl. Rusty Washam)
I Pay Tribute To Our Brave Steven Today and always  / Julie Westly (Aunt of Soldier who Passed from PTSD Also....met Patty through internet support )  Read >>
I Pay Tribute To Our Brave Steven Today and always  / Julie Westly (Aunt of Soldier who Passed from PTSD Also....met Patty through internet support )

Dearest Patty and family of our Hero, Steven....

I wanted to stop by today, the anniversary of Steven's release from his war inflicted PTSD...because he has been there with us, every second of every day, along with our Josh and the thousands of men and women, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles....who have and continue to lay down their lives for our great country and TRUST that she will in turn protect them from killers like PTSD when they return and throughout their and their families lives.

We've come such a LONG way in our War On PTSD since I first met your mom Steven...please give her a special "something" today so that she knows you still walk beside her, carry her over the muddy potholes, and always will...

Love to you sweet boy, to your mom (whom we miss on SLOOMS) and to your whole family...

Julie Westly

my prayers and thoughts go out to all of you  / Michelle Bonorden (friend)  Read >>
my prayers and thoughts go out to all of you  / Michelle Bonorden (friend)

I was looking up old friends and I came across this  website for Steve(ironicly on Dec 30 2007), and I must say that I was shocked, heart broken, and deeply saddened, and this just could not be the same person that I knew, but unfortuantely it was.    I knew steve @ 98-99 when he was stationed at Camp LeJune he was a great and caring person that was just getting started with his life, and he certainly left an impression on anyone that crossed his path.  And I truely feel blessed to have had crossed paths with him, even if for a short period of time.  He obviously left an impression on me 9 years later.   I just want to say to Steve and his family thank you for serving this great country and whatever personal pain you may have had and you needed to escape I just want to say god understands your pain and loves you unconditionally just like your family  and I know Steve, you have found peace and rest with God.   Thank you for all you have done!!!!

love always

FAMILY / MOM (Mom even if I didn't give birth to you )  Read >>
FAMILY / MOM (Mom even if I didn't give birth to you )

Hi Steve, I know your watching down on everyone and scratching your head to all the mess down here, and you are probably saying.. Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along.  Such harsh words, hurt feelings destroyed lives...

You know Steven I have not written here because of others putting me down, saying your not his mom.. but I feel the need to say this.. 

What is a MOM? Does it mean you have to give Birth to someone to be a MOM?  If people say yes.. then they are so wrong.

Look at your own son, One day a man is going to raising him, do you want that man to say, he is not my kid? I didn't give him life? and refuse him LOVE, Comfort? Security?

No you would not, you would want that man to love your SON and treat him like your very own. Teach him how to be a proper man, how to love and care for others. 

As you know the Logans never accepted us, could not get past that I didn't give birth to you. But Steven you can't love anyone more then I love you and Dave. In my heart you are my SONS.

No matter what the family is going through, the troubled times we face ahead, No one can take that love from my heart.  Your sister in law and other family members can say the harsh things they want. But I have something they'll never have...

I was there when you were sick, healthy, happy and sad. I did the things a MOM does and I do not regret one second of having you or Dave in my life.

Lisa, Tom and Angel love you both too and when that man comes into Collins life I pray to God he too gives your Little Boy as much love and raises him to be a great man.

So anyone who says, You are Not Family.. Your are Not Blood so you can't be MOM or DAD.. needs to GROW UP and smell the coffee... cause WE ARE FAMILY!!!!!!!

I love you SON and I miss you each and every day.. show those people what the meaning of FAMILY and LOVE IS>>>

I hope your happy Steven, and one day we'll all be happy and together again..

Take Care my SON>>> your always in my heart and in my Thoughts.. and YOU"LL ALWAYS BE MY SON :))

American Hero  / Misty Day (sister of fallen Marine Cpl. Rusty Washam )  Read >>
American Hero  / Misty Day (sister of fallen Marine Cpl. Rusty Washam )
The Fallen
Written by Andrea Senter

They never thought when they left here
their families they'd see no more
No one dares to think about
The high price of such a war.

If you asked them why they did it
They'd say because it was right
Someone has to stand up
And someone has to fight

A world away they defend our cause,
as we tuck our kids in bed.
Some give all for all of us,
And somewhere tears will be shed.

They do not ask for fame or fortune
Just that we recognize
We are here, free, today,
Because the fallen have paid the price.


"One of the Few and the Proud"

~Always Loved...NEVER Forgotten~

I lost my brother Marine Cpl. Rusty Washam February 14, 2006 in Iraq by a suicide bomber he was only 21. People keep saying it will get easier as time goes by its almost been a year since we lost Rusty but it feels like yesterday. I will keep your family in my prayers. May God Bless you and help heal your Broken Hearts from this huge loss.
Thank you  / Capt. Thomas B. Jackson Jr. (none)  Read >>
Thank you  / Capt. Thomas B. Jackson Jr. (none)
I would like to display my thanks and condolences for your son Steven. Its people like him that make this world safer to live in. Close
Happy Thanksgiving  / Lisa (Sister)  Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Lisa (Sister)
Hey Steve, 
Just droppin u a fast note to let you know I was thinking about you and I miss alot ! I was thinking back to holidays when we were all younger and I had to laugh .......
I miss you steve , and the kids miss u to ! 

I know your having a happy time in heaven and the holiday will a joyous one .. 
But please know ur in my thoughts !!

Love always 
Big Sister,
lisa Close
Hey Steve  / Lisa (Big Sister )  Read >>
Hey Steve  / Lisa (Big Sister )

Wow .. it seems like its been forever since  you left us and I often wonder if your happy up there in Heaven . I just wanted to stop by this morning and say hello to ya and check on things on your website ..

I sure do miss ya ...


Love you always

Your sister..


Thinking about you ...  / Lisa (Sister)  Read >>
Thinking about you ...  / Lisa (Sister)

Hey Steve...
  I was just stopin by today to add something to your site and realized just how very much I miss ya ... 
  I think about you all the time being up there in Heaven .. with that big beautiful smile of yours.. I bet the angels around you are just loving that smile and your kidness.
  I worry alot about things down here on Earth .. I worry bout mom and the kids and I worry Bout dad too .. I don't hear from him much these days . 
  Mom has been really sick recently .. I just keep thinking to myself if only we can make her better.. there has to be a way . 
Sometimes I wonder if you rather have her up there and of course the arguement is on ... I always argue why we need her here.. I know you hear me . 
  I 'm sorry I don't talk to you as much as I used to .. or write as much as I used to . Every since Pam died it's been like I was consumed with her. I guess I always did make the mistake of putting you all on hold while I handled my life .. And I am sorry for that . 
  I don't hear from Natalie these days. But I am sure she and Collin are ok .. I always think no news is good news right. 
  I was going through things the other day .. and came across the letter you wrote me when you were in Japan and the pic you sent of your house.. 
You seemed so happy when you were there . I look at your pics all the time and I still just really wonder why your gone from us .. and I find myself thinking if only .. what if .. how come .. why not.
  Mom struggles sometimes.. I know she finds it really hard to come here sometimes.. and even tho I don't see it I know she still cries . She misses you . Especially when all of us kids are together for something and we are missing you .. It's not complete...BUT we all do know your with us in spirit.
Well.. I guess I better get this beautiful gif on your website and get to cleaning up around here .. 
Fridays seem to be the most hectic days . The kids are doin a bit better . Ryan is working now . Anthony is homeschooling and Brittany and lil Francis are doing much better...But we all still miss ya !

Love you always and miss you forever 

Close / Stephanie Parria (passer-by)  Read >> / Stephanie Parria (passer-by)
I just wanted to offer my condolences from the loss of your loved one. I too, lost someone I loved dearly last year. Mindi, my sister passed away in August 2005. Jesus called her and took her from us because he needed a new angel just a couple of weeks before mother nature called Katrina and took everything else we owned. You can view her website by clicking her name:  MindiMarie and another website for her: Mindi2

I also had my baby sister-in-law pass away in 2004; she was only 3 months old. You can see her web site here:  Jozie-Bonner

I am so sorry for your lost. He is such a handsome man. 
Here is a little something for him:

Seek,_And_Ye_Shall_Find... Close
THINKING OF YOU ALWAYS  / Rusty &. Valerie Loveless (Uncle & AUNT )  Read >>
THINKING OF YOU ALWAYS  / Rusty &. Valerie Loveless (Uncle & AUNT )


We think about you every day! We know you are with us to help us all get through the hard days and we feel your presence stronger this week more then anything.  We love and miss you Steven and our prayers and thoughts are with other family members too who are feeling the same pain we are feeling.  

Wishing You Strength and Sweet Memories at the 1-Year Mark  / Mary Withers (on PTSD disc.list with his Mom )  Read >>
Wishing You Strength and Sweet Memories at the 1-Year Mark  / Mary Withers (on PTSD disc.list with his Mom )
To Steven's friends and family: I'll light a candle today for your dear Steven! I didn't know Steven, but I can tell by the pictures that he was a handsome, sensitive, well-loved young man with an obviously *great* family. My own son left this Earth under very similar circumstances, nearly ten years ago: I have stood where you are standing, and I want, with all my heart, for you to know that my family stands with you. Just please know that there is another veteran's family out here, remembering how hard those first years were, and sending you all the compassion in the world. Close
One year ago today...  / Lisa (Big Sister )  Read >>
One year ago today...  / Lisa (Big Sister )

Dear Steven .. today is one year that you passed away and Each day We think of you .. talk of you and remember you .
We look for ways to understand and our hearts will never be as we knew it a year ago.
you were my little brother, my kids' uncle.. franks brother in law..
I remember so many times we all shared with you . I wish more then anything you were still around ..

Just the other day we were talking about the last time We talked to you and you were on the webcam.. I couldnt stop laughing cause my friend lori was acting stupid and you thought she had no sense to her !
I remember that day and you were listening to a cd .. you said that Nat bought it for you .. I only wish today I knew what that cd was .. as I can't remember the cd or the song playing.
I remember the smile that was on your face and how you laughed at the stupid things the kids were doing on camera showing off for you !

Steven.. it may be a year but that year hasnt changed our love for you .. how much we miss you and wish you were here..

Please keep that spot for us all warm .. we will meet up again !

With all my love .. Huggs!!!
lisa, frank and the kids

Thinking of You  / Judy Klein (None)  Read >>
Thinking of You  / Judy Klein (None)
I am praying for all of you.  Close
It's a sad day, but also a day to remember the beautiful memories you left everyone with Steven....  / Julie Westly (friend of His Moms )  Read >>
It's a sad day, but also a day to remember the beautiful memories you left everyone with Steven....  / Julie Westly (friend of His Moms )


I pray you join God in wrapping your arms around your family today and giving them comfort. Let them rejoice in the wonderful memories you left them, the countless minutes they had with you, the smiles you blessed them with.

Help them to remember that a day on earth, is a second in heaven and you truly will "see them tomorrow".

Much love to your mom, my friend Patty and hoping she remembers how much she is loved today and always...


To Steven With love from Lisa  / Lisa (Big Sister )  Read >>
To Steven With love from Lisa  / Lisa (Big Sister )
Sometimes late at nite I swear I can hear your voice.. it's just as I remembered like when you came home.

I never thought I would care quiet as much as
I do .. and Now every time I turn around
I am always thinking of you .

Sometimes I often wonder.. how your doing in
your new home .. but then again I know heaven is great and your not alone.

Mom and dad so very much miss you and Well you know we all do  .. and Nat and Collin it's been awhile but I know they miss you too .

Steven I know we will never get our answers we
so desperatly need. And sometimes when I hear your voice I ask and beg and plead.

But I guess some how in the end it really doesnt matter. Because you are in loving arms and all pain and hurt is shattered.

For god is now your protector and I like to believe you are ours ... sitting on our shoulders so bright just for a little while,

I know the day will soon come when one of us you call home.. And even tho I feel so greedy I know it must be done.

Please if you never hear my voice any other time. Know that I love you brother and will someday be by your side.

Steve..... you will forever be in my heart and soul. You have made a mark on my life that I thought would never happen.. your kindness and gentleness will never be forgotten. And as each day goes by my love only gets stronger and stronger. All of us kids will forever share a bond that nothing can tear apart..regardless of where we are or what we are doing . We are forever bound as siblings by nothing more then PURE unconditional love . Til we are together again ....

Lisa Close
Steve send us strength  / Lisa (Big sister )  Read >>
Steve send us strength  / Lisa (Big sister )
Steve, It's been awhile since I wrote here, there has been so much going on but I visit you here almost daily ~ Today I just want to ask you to please talk to god and ask him to heal mom .. We need her here we are not ready to have to send her with you and god. Things are so so but more towards the bad end of things and I just so want to not have to talk to her and not hear her voice or see her emails or see her smile or hear her I love yous!!
I can't do this again .. She is all I have left besides the kids and we all love her so much . I know you love her too and god loves her .. but just please put a word in for her .. tell him how much she means to us down here.. All I am asking is for healing and strenght .. I so much want her to be cancer free and tell me the next blood work is normal and it remains that way !!! Please steven! I know you can see all I write and hear my prayers .. I hope this is not asking alot .. Thank you ! We love you soo much and miss you !!!!!
With lots of love
your big sister ...
lisa Close
I am so sorry for the loss in your life  / Trisha[vistor]mem Of Christina Valle   Read >>
I am so sorry for the loss in your life  / Trisha[vistor]mem Of Christina Valle
Dear Lisa, I don't know you, or steven, you went to the site of my precious neice Tina, thank you for the kind words, my heart breaks for the loss you have had in your life, even in your pain, you find the time for others, thank you for being what God mean't all of us to be, people of human kindness, I am praying for comfort to you, family, and friends, until we see them again, in glory, God Bless, and take care Close
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